Post-processing vs. Photoshopping

Post-processing and Photoshopping are two different types of photo editing. These editing modes are often mistaken for one another and the fact that both use the same program, Adobe Photoshop, does not help matters. This confusion between the processing has led to the "straight out of camera" movement on Instagram and Facebook groups. Post-processing is… Continue reading Post-processing vs. Photoshopping

What Do You Listen To While You Work?

Photography is a lot of work. You start by researching what you want to shoot. Then you have to find that perfect location that has the landscape, wildlife, or background that you envisioned. Then you get to work: setting up your equipment, checking your lighting, and taking your photos. Then comes the hardest part. Taking… Continue reading What Do You Listen To While You Work?

Play With Monochrome

Sometimes nature and the seasons are not your friends when it comes to photography. This is especially true in Iowa during the summer when photographing near water. Once the temperature rises, algae start to bloom in the waterways and can destroy a beautiful picture. All hope is not lost though and this picture is a… Continue reading Play With Monochrome