Don’t Fall Down The Waterfall

Iowa doesn't have a ton of waterfalls, but they're there if you know where to look. If you're planning to photograph waterfalls, you're going to need some extra gear. You'll want to bring along a towel and possibly a change of clothes. Waders or a swimsuit might also come in handy, depending on the season.… Continue reading Don’t Fall Down The Waterfall

Happy Independence Day!

I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Whether you're enjoying time with family, looking for new photography opportunities, or just relaxing, stay safe and have fun!

Clouds Can Make The Picture

Landscape photography is a fun art that is uniquely dependent on the weather and season. The same landscape will look completely different with a gentle snow falling or the trees just beginning to blossom. One element that is very hard to pin down in Iowa is the right cloud cover. If the sky is cloudless,… Continue reading Clouds Can Make The Picture

Don’t Settle for a Snapshot

Landscape photography is vastly different from wildlife photography, as I have come to learn. This is not only because of the difference in subject matter. In wildlife photography, you are often at the mercy of the whims of the animal that you are trying to photograph. Sometimes, they fly or move away from that perfect… Continue reading Don’t Settle for a Snapshot