My Gear

Current Gear:

Camera Bodies:

Canon 6D – 

My full-frame camera. This camera is most often used when I’m shooting wildlife or any action shots. It allows me to shoot at higher ISO’s and has a faster auto-focus system than my crop-body.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i –

This is my crop-body camera. This camera is used for my landscape, architecture, and macro photography. The crop-factor gets me closer to my subjects and when paired with a tripod, it allows for longer exposures.

Camera Lenses:

Tamron 150-600mm –

This is my wildlife and action lens. Whether shooting wildlife, planes, or trains. This is the lens I use.

Tamron 16-300mm Macro –

This is my everything else lens. I use it especially for taking macro shots of smaller wildlife that I can get close to and for my landscape and architecture photography.

Retired Gear:

Camera Lenses:

Canon 18-55mm –

This kit lens was great for taking wider-angle shots. I wanted to consolidate the number of lenses in my camera bag, so it was replaced by the Tamron 16-300mm Macro lens.

Canon 75-300mm –

This was my first zoom lens and was first replaced by my Tamron 150-600mm lens for taking wildlife photos. I kept it for those times when the 18-55mm wasn’t close enough but the 150-600mm was too close. It was completely retired when I purchased the Tamron 16-300mm Macro.