About Me

I am a photographer from central Iowa. I began photographing wildlife with my good friends in October of 2015 and my passion has only snowballed from there. I still enjoy hunting down wildlife, but I have also branched out into landscapes and architecture photography.

Wildlife: I love any type of wildlife that I come across but I especially love owls and other raptors. On the smaller side, I am quite happy to spend hours chasing butterflies and bees around flowers.

Landscapes: I am still working on getting an eye for landscape photography. Iowa has a large number of beautiful vistas and farm scenes. I just have to work on capturing them to my standards.

Architecture: I love old buildings; especially, government buildings and churches. I have spent hours roaming the Iowa State Capitol building and I love to photograph our county courthouses. Whether it’s a full exterior shot or a close-up of specific detailing, I love it all.

Current Equipment

I can be found on Flickr as Aria (RJWarren).

I can be contacted at AriasPhoto@Outlook.com.

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