Who Knew Fairytales Were Real?

It’s almost a fairytale setting: a large lake covered in blooming, yellow lilies, the sun shining, and the wind blowing. A chorus of frogs is merrily ribbiting. This idyllic scene is hard to find. But, well worth the effort in the end. One of the sights that I saw in this little corner of paradise was a frog perched on the leaf of a lily floating in the water.

This is the view I found while checking out Lily Lake near the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Many American Bullfrogs were perched on the leaves in the water while the Lilies swayed in the breeze. It was hard to get a proper angle on them for pictures because there is a steep embankment between the shore and the lake. Without knowing how deep it was, I didn’t want to risk going into the water to get on the level with them.

Keep your eyes open as you travel. You never know when a fairytale will appear in front of you.

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