The Part Can Be Just As Beautiful As The Whole

Summer is nearly here, and the chaos of spring is almost over. The plants are snug in their planters, and the spring storms have hopefully passed. It’s finally time to start going through photos again.

The Iowa State Capitol Building is one of my favorite places to do architecture photography. This photo is one of my favorites because of the beautiful contrast in colors. The gold of the dome shines in the sunlight, and there are enough wisps of cloud to add texture to the sky.

This photo also highlights one of the areas that I struggle with when it comes to photography. So often, I try to frame the entire subject into a picture. Whether it’s a building, statute, or animal; I am frustrated if I can’t fit everything in the frame. I have to take a step back and force myself to look for the beauty in the parts of the whole.

Photos like this show me that it is worth the effort of reigning myself in and looking through the lens in different ways.

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