Keep an Eye on the Parents

Springtime is great for photographing young animals. Whether you’re on the lookout for fawns, owlets, ducklings, or goslings, this is the time of year to find them. Different ecosystems are host to each of these young ones. But, they all share a common factor, protective parents.

Youtube is rife with videos of people tangling with the wrong animal and springtime is when you should be especially wary. If you get to close to their young, many animals will attack to protect their young. Geese are especially well-known for this behavior.

If you want to photograph goslings, always know where the parents are and keep an eye on their body language. They will be sure to let you know if you are too close and if you back away at the first signs of aggression, you are far less likely to wind up on Youtube for all the wrong reasons.

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