What Does the Little Bird Eat?

If you want pictures of wildlife, it helps to know what they want. Generally, it is easiest to catch small birds if they are willing to come to bird feeders. A great way to practice your photography and to get used to new gear is to set up near a set of bird feeders or in a bird blind. My first stop when I get new camera bodies or long lenses is a state park with a well-maintained bird blind.

With that in mind, not every bird will come to the feeders if there is just bird seed, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds available. Baltimore Orioles are small songbirds that will come to the feeders in you give them the right incentive. These little birds are nectar drinkers and will happily come for halved oranges and sugar water. They are also known to like jelly. The critical thing when putting these items out is to remember to switch them out before they go bad. In the hot summer sun, this may mean emptying and re-filling them every day.

Put out some different foods, and maybe you’ll attract some new visitors to your bird feeders.

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