Networking is Your Friend

No matter what your hobbies are, it is always great to network with others that share that passion. Networking can be as simple as hanging out with friends or as complicated as attending a large convention dedicated to your hobby.

When looking for networking opportunities, the best place to start is at the local stores that support your hobby. My favorite store to frequent is Christian Photo in Urbandale. Christian Photo is a sponsor for many photography events in Iowa including the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. They have a sitting area that is always full of people hanging out and chatting about photography. Some faces are familiar and almost always present; others are new and always welcome.

Local clubs and groups are another way to get to know others in your field and learn from their experience. One way that local photographers from around the state have come together is through Photography Networking Breakfasts once a month. Everyone gathers at the Iowa Machine Shed restaurant, and a speaker gives a presentation on their specialization or things that they have learned from experience. March’s breakfast is titled: “No, You Don’t Need Photoshop!”. I have a feeling that I will disagree with much of what the speaker will say because I am not a fan of the “Straight Out Of Camera” movement but it will be great to see people and who knows, maybe I’ll learn something.

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