What Do You Listen To While You Work?

Photography is a lot of work. You start by researching what you want to shoot. Then you have to find that perfect location that has the landscape, wildlife, or background that you envisioned. Then you get to work: setting up your equipment, checking your lighting, and taking your photos. Then comes the hardest part. Taking those photos home and editing them.

On an average day out taking wildlife photos, I will shoot over 500 images. Sorting, deleting, and editing takes time and dedication. Music has a significant impact on my post-processing sessions.

My music tastes, in general, are very eclectic. In my iTunes library, you can find everything from Scandinavian symphonic metal to Enya, film and video game scores to rock and pop from the 70s to today. This mixture is excellent for everyday listening, but when I’m working, I want something that will keep me focused and on task. English lyrics distract me as I will often sing along and softer music will make me tired and less focused.

My go-to artist for post-processing sessions is Two Steps From Hell. This group has a bombastic, orchestral sound, often without lyrics, that was initially produced for movie trailers. If you saw the first Aquaman trailer, you’ve heard their music. This type of music is designed to draw you in, and I find that it helps to keep me focused while I work as well.

I know everyone has a different process for their workflow. So, I’m interested in knowing what you listen to while you work? Do you prefer silence, instrumental, pop, rock, or something else?

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