Go Beyond the Bird Blind

Iowa has beautiful state parks and one that is relatively close to where I live is Walnut Woods State Park. One of the main features of this park for wildlife enthusiasts is the bird blind. Songbirds, woodpeckers, raccoons, and red foxes have all been known to make appearances there. It can become a habit to come to the park and just stay at the bird blind. This doesn’t get you the best photos though.

For the full wildlife experience, you need to go hike the trails. Walnut Woods features 2-1/2 miles of wooded trails and if you don’t want to walk the woods there are trails around the nearby Purple Martin Lake. On these trails is where you can find birds that won’t frequent a bird blind. Owls, warblers, and waterfowl can all be spotted from these trails.

This photo of a Red-bellied Woodpecker was taken on one of those hiking trails. While these beautiful birds can be spotted at the bird blind. I never would have captured this image there.

So, advice to myself and others. Walk the trails, enjoy nature, and get your exercise in.

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